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Gutenberg is far from intuitive

I love Gutenberg. I love the approach, but the current form simply does not live up to the expectations. I mean, seriously. Look at it. It is a mess of  crazy lines and indistinguishable stuff. I have no clue what…

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Mit Verschwörungstheorien gegen rechte konservative Bewegungen?

Wie kontert man eigentlich am besten den ganzen Verschwörungstheoretikern, die gerade wie all die kreativen Hobby-Virologen überall um Aufmerksamkeit buhlen? Mir ist gerade ein ganz interessantes Beispiel begegnet. In der Interessentengruppe bei Facebook zur Werteunion - einer konservativen rechten Splittergruppe…

A new design for Gutenberg / WordPress

Gutenberg Blocks should be clearly distinguishable in the editor! I totally dislike the new WordPress Gutenberg Block editor design (WP 5.4+). I like the block approach itself but I why work with blocks if you cannot actually see them? Even…

I hate bad translations for websites

Better not translate your site is you don't intend to update your texts as things change. The referred button in my example above simply does not exist. It is embarrassing.