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Dont forget the annoying ICANN verification process for com domains

I often register domains. I it is a flawless process. Give the data, set an IP and set up the page. Easy as a breeze. But with com domains it is not – at least not if you forget the two factor verification process.

Why are com domains treated different from other domains?

They are not and this process is an unnecessary burden for us that makes no sense. All domains were created equal and com domains should work the same as regular other TLDs.

Fix the process

At least you can easily resend the verification mail to get your domain up and running again if it was suspended after not reacting to the first verification mail. It might take up to 24 hours though until a suspended domain works again and points to your server again.

At least get a damn SSL certificate ICANN!

The worst thing is that you might not even see the suspended message if you do not purposely click on „Continue at my own risk“ cause the damn fuckers at the ICANN don’t think that a SSL certificate would be a good idea for their suspension message to go along.

After all you might see the option to resend the verification mail and all you can do is wait – at better: next time don’t set the clients email in the handle details for the domain but yours. Might be better anyways because ICANN sends other shit to this address as well (as well as spammers do).

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