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Gutenberg is far from intuitive

I love Gutenberg. I love the approach, but the current form simply does not live up to the expectations. I mean, seriously. Look at it. It is a mess of  crazy lines and indistinguishable stuff. I have no clue what…

I hate my Girlfriend – From time to time

She can be so rude. She can be so damn unemotional. I hate her for this but I am strong in believing that everything and eventually all will be good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhCuCqJbOVE

Silver Foil On White Ceramic Plate

Mit Verschwörungstheorien gegen rechte konservative Bewegungen?

Wie kontert man eigentlich am besten den ganzen Verschwörungstheoretikern, die gerade wie all die kreativen Hobby-Virologen überall um Aufmerksamkeit buhlen? Mir ist gerade ein ganz interessantes Beispiel begegnet. In der Interessentengruppe bei Facebook zur Werteunion - einer konservativen rechten Splittergruppe…

A new design for Gutenberg / WordPress

Gutenberg Blocks should be clearly distinguishable in the editor! I totally dislike the new WordPress Gutenberg Block editor design (WP 5.4+). I like the block approach itself but I why work with blocks if you cannot actually see them? Even…