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What’s wrong with BING webmaster tools – Broken Fonts all over the place

No wonder that BING is not as good as Google, because they don’t even manage to get their webmaster tools page straight. I recently encountered the fact, that when you open BING webmaster tools on a Mac, all the fonts are broken because SEGOE UI is a fucking native windows font and not installed on any Mac by default. WTF. Could you at least just use a damn Google fonts instead? It looks so damn ugly with Times New Roman all around the place.

Look how it messes with the page. Does this make a professional impression? No it does not. If I did my work as a web designer like this I would not get a single client. This is embarrassing.

Bing webmaster tools on a mac looks weird because the fonts are not loading

Hey Folks at Microsoft and BING, load that font or leave it altogether, I cannot stand it looking this way anymore!

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