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Apples macOS has the worst Window – Management (free aero snap tool included!)

I am a big fan of Apples mobile devices, including the Laptops and iPads. For real work though I believe that a Windows computer still is the best way to go. It is simply more performant, faster, and the OS is more efficient utility-wise. For many users the easiness of a macOS system might be convincing, but for me macOS still lacks many very necessary features windows has.

Windows Management in macOS is a MESS

It is a total mess. Maximizing windows is annoying, creating desktops is complicated. Just moving between desktops is fine with that huge apple track pad. Just have look at this gif to see how annoying the top bar behaves when having a maximized window and trying to switch tabs in a browser. You will inevitably „touch“ the top of the screen and trigger the hidden top bar to show. But not only will it slide in but also push down anything below. This is the greatest annoyance Apple has thrown upon us.

There is no real fix but a great tip and a tool

Apple sucks for not thinking this through. What were they thinking!?!? Srsly. Remind me of that weird issue where you could not resize windows fro m all sizes but only from the bottom right corner. Weird as hell but has been an issue for many years. And was one of the main reasons for me not to like apples desktop products at all.

The Tool that mimics Aero Snap for free

Just install the free Cinch tool. There is a free lifetime version that just asks for an update from time to time. What Cinch does is that it essentially copies the Aero Snap function we all love on the newer Windows OSs. You can easily drag windows to the sides or the top to make them maximize. When they maximize in this way they don’t go full screen which is when the top bar is hidden by default which causes that annoying content shift behavior in the first place

The tip that helps you maximize windows preventing them from going real „Full screen“ at the same time

Another tip is simply to press and hold the ALT/ OPTION Key on the keyboard before clicking on the green maximize button. This way the windows also does go into full screen but rather really maximizes, keeping the top bar in place.