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Toolset Rant

I have been following the relationship updates for months, almost a year without even trying anything out. Now that I was in favor of the new functions I tried the betas and I must say I am pretty hefty disappointed.

First of all, thanks for your effort and I am sure the final product will be great. But I feel like the betas are not even alphas. Actually I could not find any useful thing that could be tested at all. I know most of it all might be under the hood. and I appreciate this a lot. There have been minor visual fixes but the overall impression it that is is far from being finished. It just does not feel close to being beta.

  • core functions still dont work -> There is hardly anything that the betas can be used for
  • there were blatant bug. I mean its which version of the beta and no one has seen that the button to create a relationship form doe snot even work?
  • there is new bulk added to the already overloaded toolset backend menu („relatioship forms“=. Why another type of forms that seemingly are not ingegrated into cred? Why is this not a wizard within CRED.
  • I felt like there might happen some overall consolidation, but the wizards are all still rather complicated.
  • Still the relationship functionality seems pretty complex. I dont want to even think about how it might have been before as you mentioned it was held back because it was too complicated?

Whenever one edit a form there appears a new „editor form menu entry“ Why???

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