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Bitlocker is SHIT – Handling Locked VHDX Files is a PURE NIGHTMARE

I uses to love microsoft but I – after many years – slowly grow to hate them. Not only do their products definitely lack any progress. But also „usability“ seems to be an unknown word for them. A couple of days ago I tried my first steps wuith bitlocker encryption and virtual Hard Drives (.VHDX – files). What seems like a nice idea resulted in a total failure and i am now 100% sure that I won’t ever use this method for anything important.

First of all. Yes, it is rather easy to create a virtual hard drive and the file you create seems quite handy. Mounting a file as a secure drive seems like a good idea.  But the problems do start when you lock and unlock it. Whenever you go this route and want to mount the drive with your data you will at first see the error message above. Nice to begin with when you want to access critical, sensitive files. The error simply states that Windows cannot access the data because it is locked. WOW! But this is not an actual error – That fucking info should be a login prompt or whatever. This login prompt though is only accessible if you right-click on the „unopened“ new drive that appears in the explorer and select to unlock it. What a complicated mess.

But is gets better (worse)

But that is not all. Bitlocker and his friend vhdx have more fun and trouble for us. See another error message that you can easily run into and which is not as easy to recover from (if at all).

Trying to open a copied .vhdx file will return a fucking error!

Okay. While the first problem might be something we are able to deal with, there is one major thing that totally renders that shit useless. Whenever you copy a vhdx file it is corrupt. YOU CANNOT COPY A VHDX file without making it inaccessible. I don’t know, maybe you can fix it, but the sheer feeling of handling something that is too prone to errors is not a good feeling. I hate it. I hate Microsoft for simply offering a tool that has such a fucking usability as the BitLocker system. Damn, get your shit straight. Don’t play with our trust! You might lose it.

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