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Windows 8 Modern UI (Metro) Apps Disaster

Basically the idea of touch friendly Modern UI Apps is great. Having a touch device definitely is a great thing, but it is nothing without the right software. Windows 8 is the first Windows to properly support touch inputs. With an armada of touch apps for the Modern UI interface you might think touch and windows might be friends. But as daytime use shows the aren’t.

Lock screen notifications.

One simply rating: They are close to useless. You have mails? Ok, at least you see how many new mails are waiting. But there is no preview nor a shortcut to read or answer them.

Power – Yes it shows a battery but is is so tiny you cannot even distinguish between 50% or 75% and to make things worse there is no percentage info, and as far as i know you cannot activate it.

Overall Modern UI App style

They are all fullscreen. Nice use of screen estate but it leaves you clueless on what is going on behind. No time, no statuses, no nothing. That has been solved betteri n android and ios. And switching apps or closing? That windows 8 swiping style is complicated and inconsistent in regards of desktop versus modern UI environments. What were they thinking?

A Quick Check: Windows 8 Mail App and Internet Explorer Modern UI

Take The build in mail app for instance. It is nice but it lacks basic features that render it almost useless. Just on thing: Links in mails. Theyy work in almost any device in any software of app. I do not even  know an app that does not recognize links (which are in plaintext mode) and makes them clickable. But mail for windows 8 modern UI does.

And following inconsistency: Try to drag a file on to a mail which you plan to write in the mail app. It simply does not work. Modern UI and Desktop are completely isolated systems and cannot communicate in any way. Multitasking? Forget it. Play some music in internet explorer modern UI and try to switch to the desktop (in fullscreen). The music stops.

Okay I should stop beating a dead horse, but theres still a lot work to do. Looking forward to Windows 9.


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